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Environmental works

We are positive to take part in environment relating works. Our business target is directed to the recycle use of soil and wastes by improvement or reforming of them which derived from sewer piping construction and dredging work of river or lake. We already have seven recycle plants for the improvement of soils from sewer piping construction in Japan, which are operated by our subsidiary company. We are also interested in the refreshment of contaminated soils with heavy metals, in afforestation of surface of slope, and etc . We have developed a new soil improver named "SOILSAFE" free from acryl amide monomer which is believed to be a carcinogen . Poly sodium acrylate is the main component of "SOILSAFE". It shows almost the same ability as acryl amide polymer to improve soils having water content of >50%. We think poly acryl amide will be replaced by "SOILSAFE" in the near future.


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